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9/08/2011 2:59:09 PM
Estelle Mamo
Posts: 2
With stock markets going down again, is it safer to invest in property even if the property market is in a downturn?
10/12/2012 11:50:11 PM
Devan made
Posts: 6
The real estate business is down not out. Developers are throwing in sops other than lower prices to get buyers interested. Some are even offering the undertaking of another rebate if prices fall further. They say the fish is finally beginning to take the bait - buyers have started coming in the past couple of weeks.

So, can prices fall any further? Perhaps, by another 5-10%, but there's no crash coming. At least, that's what real estate consultants say.

Anshuman Magazine, managing director of CB Richard Ellis, South Asia, says, ''Actually, the property market could be bottoming out, particularly for new apartment projects". But how are developers able to cut prices? Partly by cutting the fat profit margins that the real estate industry had got accustomed in the last four years and partly by sleight of hand. Market trends in the last couple of weeks suggest there is demand if developers sell their apartments for 25%-30% less than the going rate in the area.

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